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Momentum Adventure



Momentum Adventure specialise in breathtaking exploratory travel and remarkable once-in-a-lifetime experiences. From the extremes of the Poles and the challenge of the great mountain ranges, to the depths of the rainforests and across arid desert plains, Momentum Adventure exists to lead those with wanderlust and a sense of adventure through some of the world’s most spectacular terrain with the possibility of experiencing the most off-the-beaten track luxurious locations. Whether it be a fine dining restaurant after a day of skiing or a stay at one of the top hotels in the world after a day of trekking in glacier terrain, a Momentum Adventure will never be one-dimensional.


These are bespoke itineraries that allow ordinary people a chance to enjoy an extraordinary adventure in the rawest of natural environments in complete safety in the hands of the world’s most accomplished and highly-qualified guides whose clients include captains of industry, Royal families and leading figures. These are expeditions in the most genuine sense allowing the fullest possible engagement with the splendour of some of the most awe-inspiring places on earth.


Founded by explorer and traveller Matthew Robertson, Momentum Adventure prides itself on a level of personal service often aspired to but rarely found. The company escorts only a dozen trips a year, each tailor-made for the most discerning of clients and following months of detailed preparation.


There are thirteen itineraries created for 2010, which fall within three different categories:

Sub-Zero (Arctic, South Pole, Polar Research station, Spitsbergen)

Wilderness (Yukon, Borneo, Mongolia, Jordan)

Ski (Surf & Ski, Kashmir, Lebanon, Japan, British Columbia)

A corporate division adds a further dimension to incentive and reward travel.


The Momentum Adventure guides are all experts in their field and hold the highest IFMG accreditation. Health & Safety is paramount and the highest level of insurance is incorporated. Fitness levels are assessed prior to a journey and clients are guided every step of the way to ensure that a journey of a lifetime unfolds.

Each expedition:

• Is tailor made based on the requirements of the travelling party

• Is ideally for groups of six clients (5-50 clients for corporate groups), however, larger or smaller groups can be arranged on request

• Involves up to three months detailed preparation

• Involves a fitness consultation

• Provides required training/acclimatisation

• Comes complete with all specialist equipment and clothing

• Is professionally filmed/photographed

• Is led by an experienced and fully qualified guide